Why travel by motor coach?

It's easy to see why motor coach travel is by far the most relaxing and worry-free way to travel. Who needs the stress and hassle of making reservations at unknown hotels, navigating busy streets or deciding what to do with your time when you get there? We take care of everything for you, so you're free to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

See so much more...and have more fun!
When you travel with Great Canadian, getting there is half the fun! When you travel by air, you miss the fun of the spectacular sights and memorable attractions along the way. Experience a journey that's as exciting as the destination itself!

It's the most environmentally friendly way to travel! Think Green, Go Blue!
At up to 420 passenger miles per gallon, our big blue coaches are more fuel efficient than cars, trains and even airplanes. When you’re ready to get away, think green…and go blue!

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