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Our Worry-Free Getaways


Multi-Day Getaways


You'll love our high quality tour experiences and our wide range of destinations. They're fun, economical, worry-free and innovative. Avoid the hassle of navigating busy streets or reserving unknown hotels...leave all those details to us, and enjoy a truly worry-free vacation. There's no better way to meet people and we love hearing first time travellers rave about the experience. Our drivers and tour directors are the best in the industry, and put your safety first. These dedicated professionals are committed to making your tour with Great Canadian everything you had hoped for and more. Come along with us and make your travel dreams a reality.


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Big City Getaways






Fabric of Canada

Theatre & Entertainment

Mystery Tours

Winter Escapes


One Day Getaways


Looking for a shorter holiday? Come along for just a day away, with a vast array of getaways available, there's something for everyone!

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Casino Express


Family Getaways


Festivals & Special Events


Mystery Tours

Theatre & Entertainment


Fabric of Canada Tours


Certain tours we offer feature a "Fabric of Canada" designation. On these special tours, we organize a number of events with the locals in different parts of our country to share stories, learn more about each other and perhaps enjoy a meal together. We think it's important and fun to meet our fellow Canadians in their home setting.



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Featured Getaways

Check out some of our upcoming getaways for 2024!

Eastern Canada & the Maritimes
From: $4,395.00
Duration: 14 Days
4 departure(s) between 6/23/2024 and 9/3/2024
Best Tour of the West
From: $7,255.00
Duration: 20 Days
Date: 7/4/2024