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Have you ever had a trip where things just didn’t go as planned? Fortunately, it doesn’t happen very often – but when it does it can literally change your life. Consider the case of a 63-year-old man visiting California who slipped, fell down some stairs and suffered a closed head injury.


His four-day stay at a local hospital totaled over $35,000 USD, but thankfully it was covered by his Emergency Hospital and Medical Plan from Allianz which cost only $140 CAD.


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With Allianz’s all-inclusive coverage you receive the best protection, which means you can travel worry-free. Allianz offers plans that suit travellers of all ages heading to all destinations, whether you’re a Canadian travelling to another province or abroad, or an international traveller visiting Canada. We can even customize a plan to accommodate pre-existing medical conditions or special needs.


Did you know?


OHIP is not designed to cover everything whether you are travelling out of province or out of country. Costs that may not be included are: ambulance services (ground or air), x-rays, or emergency dental treatments. Allianz Travel Insurance can supplement the costs OHIP may not cover in a medical emergency.


We know what could happen whether travelling out of province or out of country:


  • A sudden emergency forces you to cancel your trip and your travel costs are nonrefundable.

  • An injury while travelling interrupts your trip, causes you to need unexpected medical attention, and the cost of an emergency air ambulance home.

  • You need to return home early due to an unexpected emergency at home.


Stay protected with any of the following affordable travel insurance options:


  • All Inclusive Package Plan combines Emergency Hospital and Medical Insurance for Canadians PLUS Trip Cancellation and Interruption providing peace of mind on all fronts.

  • Multi-trip Plan Emergency Hospital and Medical for Canadians offers value with “buy once per year” and stay covered for an unlimited number of trips ranging from 9 to 30 days long throughout the year.


Whether it is a weekend getaway, cross-border shopping or a Great Canadian getaway, Allianz has you covered.



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